GM Television

Producers of quality video for Television broadcast and Corporate presentations.

Website design and management. Translations. Animated Logos

Digital Solutions

VIDEO  We make quality videos for Television or Corporate use.

COMPANY REPORTS  Present your company reports in a new format that will impress your shareholders and your bosses. See the Report Presentations page.

WEBSITE DESIGN  We also design websites. We designed this one. See our website page. 

TRANSLATIONS We translate any video or document from any language into any language. See our Translations page.

PRICING: Very competitive

Our Products

Television Broadcasts

We’ve been in the business of making TV broadcast programes for over 35 years. We also make great Corporate and Educational videos.

Our programmes have been broadcast on Discovery and PBS in the USA and worldwide as well as on DSTV and the SABC television channels in Africa.

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Corporate Videos

We design Corporate videos from scratch, or have us update your video to make your company look great.

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Creative Websites

We produce websites like this GM Television website that you are looking at now. 

Send us your pictures, videos and wording and we will give you a beautiful animated website.

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Education solutions

We produce educational videos and websites to the highest standards.

See samples of our videos and the websites that we’ve designed to house them.

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Video Report Presentations

We use a video to show your financial or business report as never before.

With full voice over and music, this will really make you look good.

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We translate videos from any language into any language.

We also provide voice overs in any language by fantastic voice over artists.

From US$60 per finished minute.

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Our Customers

Over the past 30 years we have made Television programmes and videos for more than 200 major companies all over the world.

....and many more

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Our Location

GM Television is located in

South Africa.

Telephone & email

International Telephone:  ..27 78 334 3398

In South Africa: 078 334 3398